Training and Education

Testimonials from training participants:

"I learned so much about these topics today. I entered the workshop with biases I was unaware of and I was able to understand the importance of self-reflection and having a trauma-informed lens when working with [sex workers]."

"This was invaluable."

"I learned the difference between sex work and human trafficking and the harm it does to confuse the two."

"I learned the complexity of the issues [and] the lack of awareness and stigma attached to these issues."

"[After this training,] I will approach clients with more active listening, and an understanding that I am there to help best support [sex workers] without judgement."

"[After this training,] I will share my notes with my colleagues and have a discussion regarding our unconscious biases."

"[I have learned that] it is good to help, but be aware that what you are doing could be more harmful."

"[After this training,] I will push my agency to intentionally provide services in a good way to people doing sex work, and to know the difference between sex work and human trafficking."

Living in Community offers a variety of training options to increase knowledge about sex work with a view to improving services and supports for sex workers and reducing sex work stigma. 

Curriculum for Change Online

Thousands of learners have completed our in-person Curriculum for Change over the past 10 years. We're excited to now make it more accessible to more learners online.

Curriculum for Change Online offers four separate courses:

  1. Curriculum for Change, our flagship training which examines examines the individual, organizational, and societal beliefs, values, and understandings of sex work, and how these impact the delivery of support services and also sex workers' access to services.
  2. Promising Practices for Working with Sex Workers: Living in Community's Approach to Effective Service Delivery, designed for service providers to learn new skills and approaches and apply the knowledge in case scenarios and other exercises.
  3. Canada's Sex Work Laws in Context, which covers legal frameworks, Canada's sex work laws, and the implications of different legal systems on sex workers.
  4. Human Trafficking: More Than Meets The Eye, which critically examines human trafficking and enhances skills to support persons who are trafficked.

Course One, Curriculum for Change, is a pre-requisite to Courses Two, Three, and Four.

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Specialized Training

Health providers, social services, victim services, municipalities, and businesses among others have unique needs when providing services or interacting with sex workers, or addressing sex work-related issues in communities. Living in Community offers specialized training for groups and organizations that are designed to meet the specific needs of the organization to support sex worker health, safety, human rights and inclusion.

Topics include:

  • Organizational Accessibility Audit
  • Sex Work and the Law
  • Supporting Participation of Marginalized People
  • Sex Work and Feminism
  • Sex Work and Housing/Shelter Policy
  • Sex Work and Sexual Assault

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