Our Board and Governance

At the heart of Living in Community is bringing together different voices and perspectives to create more effective change.

After sixteen years of being guided by a Vancouver-based Steering Committee, in 2020 Living in Community incorporated as a provincial non-profit society, and in 2021 began being governed by a provincial Board of Directors. In 2022, three committees - a Sex Worker Engagement Committee, a Law and Policy Advocacy Committee, and an Education and Training Committee - were also created. In 2023, we became a registered charity.

In our current structure, our Board of Directors provides our governance and oversight, but is also part of guiding our operations through chairing our three committees. Committee members come from across the province and include folks with diverse experience in sex work as well as policy advocacy, research, education, facilitation, community development, and more. Each committee also has a LIC staff liaison, ensuring that committee work comes back both to the staff and to the Board to discuss and implement.

Living in Community organizational chart.

Our Basis of Unity also guides how our Board, Committees, staff, and volunteers work together and support each other. Click here to read it. 

Learn more about our 2022-2023 Board of Directors below (click on the Information icon to read about each Board Member):

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Living in Community Strategic Priorities 2022-2025

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