Tools for Change: Information for All

This Sex Work Toolkit addresses community concerns about sex work and youth sexual exploitation in an inclusive and respectful way and seeks better outcomes for residents, businesses and sex workers.

The Community Initiative for Health and Safety (CIHS) was a two-year project of Living in Community. Individuals with experience in sex work were hired to conduct research and consultation with affected communities to provide ideas, essential resources and strategies to address issues related to sex work and youth sexual exploitation.

About CIHS

The Community Initiative for Health and Safety (CIHS) is a project that grew out of recognition by Living in Community about the need for immediate tools to deal with the concerns that residents, businesses and sex workers face daily. The aim of the project is to develop tools for the community to build understanding between community members, and to provide essential resources and strategies to best work through the impacts of street level sex work.

The information in the toolkit has been adapted and revised from the information gathered by the CIHS team in 2005-2007 through a series of focus groups and dialogues with a wide range of community members who are impacted by sex work issues. The result of the CIHS work is the current and updated Living in Community toolkit.

The toolkit is a comprehensive source of information and education packed with useful tips in order for diverse community members to work together to increase the health and safety of Vancouver neighbourhoods, to prevent exploitation and to encourage safety and inclusion for all community members.