Tools for Residents and Businesses

Sex Worker Presence

Everybody is free to stand in public spaces, in front of businesses, at bus stops and anywhere on the sidewalk. Sex work is not illegal, but if you have concerns that your home or business is being affected, there are things you can do.


Be respectful

Sex workers often feel threatened and may be scared of you too. They usually agree to move if they are approached politely and when they understand there is a concern. The important thing is to remember that your own safety and that of sex workers is your first priority. If you feel safe and comfortable, and you do not see anyone else around, you may approach a sex worker. 

Keep the following things in mind:

  • acknowledge the sex worker’s presence
  • be respectful
  • explain your concerns
  • politely ask them to find a different place to stand
  • if you see someone in distress, don’t be afraid to ask if they are OK or call someone for help.
  • if you feel comfortable, you can offer resource information to sex workers like this toolkit site

Everyone plays a role in supporting community safety. Certain types of crime such as property crime or vandalism usually occur when there are few witnesses. Sex workers can be a presence when no one else is around.