Tools for Families and Schools

Roles of Schools

  • Make sure teachers, volunteers and all people with access to children are properly screened and trained.
  • Develop and implement a policy for reporting child sexual exploitation and handling disclosures from children.
  • Establish protocols and screening for school computer use. Provide training for students and teachers regarding the acceptable use of computers.
  • Assess your environmental structure and take every possible step to make it safer for children. Make sure vulnerable children are properly supervised in the classroom and around the school.
  • Make sure a security system is in place so that all visitors are screened through the school office and unusual incidents and visitors are dealt with appropriately.
  • Provide programs and roles for parents and caregivers to make them part of their children’s safety and security at school and while going to and from school.

Bring in experts and schedule educational workshops to talk to parents, students and teachers about recruiting tactics and sexual exploitation.