Sex Work Organizations

PACE Society
Phone: 604-872-7651

Services include counselling, education, advocacy, peer education, support, individual case planning and co-ordination.

Phone: 604-488-1001 ext 232
Outreach: 604-369-9704

HUSTLE (How You Survive This Life Everyday) is an outreach and support program of HIM – Health Initiative for Men Society – for self-identified men in the sex industry that is designed and delivered by experienced individuals. HUSTLE  also identifies and supports the needs of experiential youth in Vancouver.

SWAN (Supporting Women’s Alternatives Network)

Phone: 604-719-6343 

SWAN is a culturally diverse group of women working to provide culturally appropriate and language-specific support, advocacy and outreach for newcomer, migrant and immigrant sex workers.

WISH Drop-In Centre Society
Phone: 604-669-9474

WISH provides services to women working in survival sex work. The drop-in centre is the heart of the WISH programs—a safe place off the street where women can find acceptance, hot meals, support services and more. WISH also operates the MAP (Mobile Access Project) and the Bad date reporting service.

MAP (Mobile Access Project) 

Phone: 604-720-5686

MAP is operated by the WISH Drop-In Centre Society in partnership with PACE Society. It provides overnight outreach to sex workers (support, condoms, needle exchange, basic first aid and emergency services) when no other services are available.

Bad date reporting
Phone: 604-669-9474
Fax: 604-669-9479

Sex workers can make reports about violent and predatory individuals to alert other sex workers in Metro Vancouver. Bad date reports are sent to WISH, which then compiles them and disseminates them through a large network of service providers that are in contact with sex workers.

Boys R Us

Phone: 604-633-4200 

Boys R Us is a referral and outreach program that provides a safe, supportive drop-in for guys and transgender participants who work or used to work in the sex industry. This site, connected to AIDS Vancouver requires a password.

Transgender Health Program
Phone: 604-734-1514 or 1-866-999-1514 (BC only)


Health Services

Vancouver Coastal Health

This is a BC government agency that delivers multi-faceted health services to BC residents.

Community health centres

Community healthcare, including medical advice, detox services and counselling, are delivered in neighbourhood centres throughout Vancouver.

Transgender Health Program

Phone: 604-734-1514 or 1-866-999-1514 (BC only)

This peer supported weekly drop-in discussion group is open to those who are exploring their own gender issues and is located at Three Bridges and funded by Vancouver Coastal Health.

Street nurses

Phone: 604-707-2790

The Outreach/Street Nurse Program provides expertise to vulnerable populations in outreach settings and provincial leadership in STI/HIV/TB prevention.

Detox services – Access Central

Phone: 1-866-658-1221

This is a listing that links people to detox and addiction housing services.

AIDS Vancouver

Phone: 604-893-2201

This organization works to alleviate individual and collective vulnerability to HIV and AIDS through care and support, education, advocacy and research.

Needle Pick-up & Harm Reduction Outreach Services

Vancouver Phone: 604-657-6561      Email:

For more information, click here.


Fraser North Purpose Health Van and Mobile Needle Exchange

Harm Reduction Outreach: 604-351-1885

The Purpose Health Van operates out of the Lower Mainland Purpose Society and is part of Stride with Purpose (HIV and Hep C program). For more information, click here.


City Mattress Removal

Phone: 311

Vancouver residents can call this City of Vancouver general enquiry number to request the removal of an abandoned mattress.

Community Organizations

Neighbourhood houses

There are neighbourhood houses serving communities throughout Vancouver. Neighbourhood houses are grassroots, volunteer-led, non-profit organizations that provide a broad range of accessible, free and affordable programs for children, youth, families, seniors and adults. They also provide residents with volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Business improvement associations

Business improvement associations are non-profit associations of business owners and tenants who join together to promote and improve the economic vitality of their business districts. BIAs play an important role in business and tourism development, safety and security and street enhancement for their areas. There are 22 business areas in Vancouver.

Police services

Emergency: 911

When an immediate response from police, fire or ambulance service is required, call 911. If you or others are in danger or there is a crime in progress, don’t be afraid to call 911.

Non-emergency: 604-717-3321

This non-emergency number should be used when an immediate response or dispatch of the police IS NOT required. This is the number to call if time has elapsed since the incident occurred or the crime suspect is not on the scene or you are calling about a nuisance issue (e.g. a noisy party or graffiti).

Community policing centres

If you have a non-emergency concern about a sex worker’s presence, you can call one of the community policing centres in Vancouver. Community policing centres do not take police reports.

Report crimes on-line

In an effort to make reporting crimes easier and safer, the Vancouver Police Department has developed this on-line reporting system. Remember, the more information you provide, the more effective the police investigation! Please do not hesitate to use this form if you have knowledge of crimes or suspicious activities and for property crimes under $5,000. Police will NOT follow up personally with you.

Sex Industry Liaison Officer: 604-516-9854

Sex workers may feel more comfortable speaking with the Sex Industry Liaison Officer, VPD Constable Linda Malcolm. She provides a link between sex workers and the police, through support and intervention services.

Sexual Exploitation Concerns

Broadway Youth Resource Centre

Phone: 604-709-5720

The Broadway Youth Resource Centre (BYRC) is an integrated, one-stop centre that provides a wide range of social, health, education, employment and life skills services to homeless and at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 24.

Directions Youth Services Centre

Phone: 604.633.1472

Directions Youth Services Centre provides Vancouver’s homeless youth and youth at-risk with a single entry point to access the tools, support and guidance to make healthy, positive changes in their lives.


Phone: 604-708-2647 or 1-877-411-7532

ONYX provides support services to youth, 18 and under, who are being (or have been) sexually exploited.

Sexual Exploitation Toolkit

This toolkit, created by the Justice Institute of BC, shows how to prevent sexual exploitation and support those who are being sexually exploited.

Vancouver Community Action Team (VCAT)

Phone: 604-708-2647

VCAT is a collaboration of organizations in Vancouver that develop strategies to prevent sexual exploitation and support youth who are being exploited.

McCreary Centre Society

Tel: 604-299-1609

The foundation works in partnership with the community to develop and fund programs and policies that support the wellbeing of youth in BC.

Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA)

Phone: 604-254-7732

UNYA works to empower Native youth through education and training, personal support, live-in programs and sports and recreation. It has a manual on sexually exploited Native youth issues in Vancouver.

Children of the Street Society

Phone: 604-777-7510 or 1-877-551-6611

This society works to increase public awareness about the sexual exploitation problem by providing education and prevention strategies for families, educators and service providers.

Safe Online Outreach Society (SOLOS)

This organization provides information and tools about Internet safety to parents and educators.

Trafficking Concerns

Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP)

OCTIP at the Ministry of Justice works to develop and coordinate B.C.’s response to human trafficking.


(Understanding) Sex Work: A Health Research & Community Partnership

Professor John Lowman’s Prostitution Research Page

BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS – Gender & Sexual Health Initiative

Other resources


Phone: 211

This is a comprehensive listing of community, social and government services in Metro Vancouver.


Survival Manual

This is a compilation of services helping those who have difficulty coping with the challenges posed by urban living, including crisis situations, addiction, homelessness, hunger, etc.