Our Principles


Living in Community believes that:

  • Each and every community member has the right to health and safety.
  • Sex workers’ experiences and perspectives need to be at the centre of our work and inform every aspect of what we do. We include the diverse range of sex workers’ experiences and perspectives.
  • A harm reduction approach to sex work includes reducing the harms to individuals engaged in sex work as well as the harms that residents or businesses may experience.
  • We need to deal with the root causes that leave people vulnerable to violence and without access to health services, such as stigma, poverty, addiction, mental illness, lack of safe and affordable housing, and racial discrimination.
  • Current lawsand policy approaches continue to contribute to violent, unsafe, and unhealthy conditions for all community members.
  • Living in Community works from a consensus model, founded on being open to listening and seeking understanding different perspectives in order to find common ground.