Curriculum for Change: Effectively Responding to the Needs of Sex Workers

Living in Community’s Curriculum for Change addresses the gap in awareness, knowledge and skills for front-line staff who interact with or provide services to sex workers. The 4 hour interactive workshop examines individual, cultural and societal beliefs, values and understandings of sex work; how organizational culture impacts service delivery; and skills for responding effectively to the self-identified needs of sex workers. Each training session is adapted to the needs of an organization and its staff and can be delivered onsite. Since 2012, LIC has offered the workshop to over 2000 people.

In our evaluation, we ask participants to describe what would stay with them long after the training. The following statements are some of the most poignant feedback.

“I now see beyond stereotypes.”
“I am aware how my beliefs and values can affect the way I deal with situations at work.”
“That sex work can be a validating and positive choice. Not all sex workers are victims.”
“To hear the personal perspective and background of the experiential facilitator – I previously had a closed mind of why someone would enter the sex trade which only left negative aspects, exploitation, etc. I now have a more rounded or balanced view.”
“Sex workers are humans with normal reactions like us.”

Train the Trainer: Addressing Sex Work Stigma

Living in Community has developed an educational video about sex work stigma, which is recognized as a significant barrier to sex workers accessing services, health care and protection. The four-hour train the trainer workshop instructs participants how to use the video along with a facilitator’s guide.

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