Tools for Residents and Businesses

If a Crime has Been Committed

Emergency: 911

When an immediate response from police, fire or ambulance service is required, call 911. If you or others are in danger or there is a crime in progress, don’t be afraid to call 911.

Non-emergency: 604-717-3321

This non-emergency number should be used when an immediate response or dispatch of the police IS NOT required. This is the number to call if time has elapsed since the incident occurred or the crime suspect is not on the scene or you are calling about a nuisance issue (a noisy party or graffiti).

Community policing centres

If you have a non-emergency concern about a sex worker’s presence, you can call one of the community policing centres in Vancouver. Community policing centres do not take police reports.

Report crimes on-line

In an effort to make reporting crimes easier and safer, the Vancouver Police Department has developed this on-line reporting system. The more information you provide, the more effective the police investigation. Please do not hesitate to use this form if you have knowledge of crimes or suspicious activities and for property crimes under $5,000. Police will NOT follow up personally with you.