Youth Sexual Exploitation

How Are Young People Targeted

Here are some of the tactics pimps and recruiters use to lure young people into the sexual exploitation trade:

  • Seduction –They pose as boyfriends or girlfriends, gain young peoples’ trust through promises, emotional manipulation and gifts (clothes, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • Isolation – They slowly separate young people from family, friends and school, so that they become reliant solely upon the pimp.
  • Coercion – They commonly use intimidation such as threats of harm to youth and their families, exposure of their sexual activities to family and friends or psychological abuse.
  • Violence – They use violence to force youth into sexual exploitation and to comply with rules.
  • Addiction –They get children or youths addicted so that they are dependent on the pimp or recruiter.
  • Debt – They lend money that has to be paid back. When it isn’t, the pimp demands that the debt be addressed through the exchange of sex for money, which then provides profit to the exploiter.