Community Actions

Educators can include a curricular component on sexual exploitation, developed in partnership with people who have exited the sex industry. Awareness is key to preventing our children from being recruited into the industry and reality based prevention materials provide valuable information

Law enforcement can continue to strengthen relationships with youth in schools through the school liaison position and by being visible and maintaining positive relationships.

Governments can ensure that polices and laws protect the interests of our youth rather than criminalizing sexually exploited young people. They can increase funding for youth organizations that provide employment training and healing initiatives.

Media can use their positions to raise awareness about sexual exploitation by writing articles that are based in truth rather than sensationalism. They can refrain from using words like child prostitute, child sex slave, teenage hooker and replace them with the term sexually exploited children and youth. It is also the media’s responsibility not to publish any information or photos that will further exploit these children.

Community members can support organizations that are helping sexually exploited youth exit into a better way of life by donating food, clothing, furniture, money and other necessities that are requested by these services.

Travelers need to be aware of what aspects of the tourist industry are involved in the sexual exploitation of children and youth. They should refuse to support them and report their activities to the police.

Internet service providers can implement codes of conduct and refuse to host any site that has anything to do with child pornography.

Youth can be trained to give peer-to-peer presentations on sexual exploitation. They can challenge governments to create the services that they need. They can also change their language and refuse to use words that perpetuate the exploitation and glamorization of youth and adults who are engaged in the sex industry. They can choose to listen to music and watch videos that are respectful of women, children and other visible minorities.

Parents can educate themselves on the topic of sexual exploitation and engage in dialogues with their kids. They need to know what their children are doing online. Parents can also make sure that schools are making sexual exploitation education available to students, parents and educators. They can lobby governments to support multi-media awareness campaigns on the realities of sexual exploitation and support the provision of programs for the parents and family members of sexually exploited youth and children.

Everyone can get involved in raising the issue of sexual exploitation within their own homes and communities. People need to get involved in saving our youth from predators who will try to exploit them. We need to encourage governments to protect our youth and have the proper services in place for those who are caught up in the sexual exploitation industry.


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