Respect and No Violence

Conduct yourself with dignity and respect. It is UNACCEPTABLE to be verbally or physically aggressive towards a sex worker. This behaviour is a criminal offence and carries the possibility of a criminal charge. If you assault a sex worker, you are no longer a client. You are a criminal and a perpetrator of violence. If a sex worker reports an assault to a law enforcement officer or sex worker organization, the specifics of the assault will appear on the Bad date report and will be updated as new information is collected. This report is also available to the community and can be accessed through sex worker organizations, drop-in clinics and neighbourhood houses throughout Vancouver and Metro Vancouver.

Know what assault is

It is an assault if…

  • you are verbally or physically aggressive towards a sex worker or if you threaten to inflict bodily harm
  • you use physical force to control or hurt, for example pushing down the head of a sex worker during fellatio
  • you touch a sex worker in a way that she or he is uncomfortable with and you’ve been asked to stop
  • you force a sex worker to perform a sexual act that was not negotiated in advance as part of a service, or a sexual act that she or he has not agreed to give
  • you steal money from a sex worker

Sexual assault is a criminal offence.


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