On the Street

When you pick up a sex worker, you are likely in someone else’s neighbourhood. As you might guess, residents and business owners are frustrated by increased traffic, garbage and a general lack of respect. Here are some suggestions to help you remain mindful of the residents who live in communities where there is street-level sex work.

  • If sex workers have places to take you, let them bring you there.
  • Most sex workers who are working on the street do not charge by the hour but by the service. Always pay in advance and do not try to bargain.
  • Not everyone on the street is involved in sex work. If you approach people who you believe are sex workers and they do not respond to you, do not harass them.
  • Respect the neighbourhoods you are in by not engaging in sexual relations in schoolyards and other public places where there may be children and families.
  • Do not throw used condoms, drug paraphernalia or other pieces of garbage in the street because they pose health hazards to residents, especially children.
  • Always leave your doors unlocked while the sex worker is in your vehicle.
  • When driving in residential neighbourhoods, keep to the legal speed limit.
  • Do not continue to circle the neighbourhood simply to observe sex work activity. Noise pollution in residential neighbourhoods contributes to unrest and frustration.
  • Never, ever, cruise children or approach them.


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